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Covid-19 Mitigation

Indoor Air Quality:

  • Control Temperatures & Humidity
  • Outside Ventilation Air
  • Control Airborne Contaminates

Upgrading Air Filtration:

  • Upgrade to HEPA Filters
  • Install UV Lamps and Lights
  • Install Bi-Polar Ionization

Balancing & Commissioning HVAC Systems:

  • Initial HVAC Commissioning
  • Pre-exisiting HVAC Systems
  • Pre-installed HVAC Systems

Outside Air Ventilation:

  • Minimize Air Recirculation
  • Optimize to Max Systems Design
  • Condition to Excess Outdoor Airflow

Equipment Replacement Options:

  • Present Updated Components
  • Replacement Systems
  • Additional Service Agreements

Outside Air Ventilation:

  • Changing Out Filters
  • Proper Air Velocity
  • Testing Airflow

Fire & Life Safety:

  • Minimize Contaminate Recirculation
  • Adequate Smoke Handling Measures
  • Inspect Fire & Smoke Dampers to Improve Airflow & Maximize Safety & Comfortability

Mitigation Strategy to Communicate:

As your business starts to welcome back your employees and customers, high quality indoor air will help restore their confidence that they safely can return to facilities with more comfortable clean air.

Service Level Agreements & Response Times:

With employees and customers returning to businesses, it is critical that the HVAC systems are functioning at optimal levels.


Strategy to Maximize Indoor Airflow:

What is your business doing to maximize air quality and air flow to prevent the spread of infectious disease?