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Indoor Environmental Health Solutions

We can help your business maximize air quality and airflow to prevent the spread of disease and effects of harmful pollutants


Indoor Air Quality

  • Control Temperatures & Humidity 

  • Outside Ventilation Air 

  • Control Airborne Contaminates 

Outside Air Ventilation

  • Changing Out Filters 

  • Proper Air Velocity 

  • Testing Airflow

Balancing & Commissioning HVAC Systems

  • Initial HVAC Commissioning 

  • Pre-existing HVAC Systems 

  • Pre-installed HVAC Systems 

Upgrading Air Filtration

  • Upgrade to HEP Filters 

  • Install UV Lamps and Lights 

  • Install Bi-Polar Ionization

Equipment Replacement Options

  • Present Updated Components

  • Replacement Systems 

  • Additional Service Agreements 

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