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Life Safety & Fire Damper Inspections

What are Life Safety Dampers? 

As a building owner, you are responsible for maintaining the fire resistance rated construction and complying with the testing requirements for life safety dampers. While larger owners and hospitals may have qualified personnel on staff to perform the testing, many others are either unaware of the requirements or ignore them.


That's where we come in. T.H. Martin Inc. can take care of the inspections, allowing you to focus on your core business while ensuring the safety of your building.

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We understand that life safety is not to be taken lightly. With our experienced team and in-depth knowledge, we provide top-notch Life Safety/Fire Damper inspections to keep your building safe and compliant with all relevant codes. 

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Keep your building safe. Get your Life Safety/Fire Dampers inspected by us. 

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Email Don Sewell or Kenny King for more information.

or call (216) 741-2020.

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