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We're equipped to handle large-scale HVAC projects. Our modern fabrication facilities and talented team are ready to take on your project. 


Sheet Metal Services 

Sheet Metal Fabrication 

Sheet Metal Installation 

Prefabrication and Modularization 

Our facility is fully automated, using Revit with SysQue in conjunction with Vulcan fabrication software. We can process material from 10-gauge to 26-gauge galvanized, as well as utilize stainless steel, aluminum, and black iron materials.

Mechanical Piping

HVAC Piping Fabrication

HVAC Piping Installation 

Prefabrication and Modularization

Our complete pipe prefabrication department includes a computerized pipe cutting and fitting machine along with positioner stations to expedite welding. The latest addition to our manufacturing facility is a computerized pipe and hole cutting machine with positioners at all welding stations.

All piping prefabrication is done at T.H. Martin’s manufacturing facility. 



Full Plumbing Service 
Waste/Vent/Storm Systems 
Domestic Water Systems 
Natural Gas Piping 
Medical Gas Piping 

24-Hour HVAC Service

Customized Preventive Maintenance Programs
Pneumatic and Electronic Control Systems 
Engineering Studies and System Evaluations
HVAC Equipment Replacement 
Boiler and Burner Maintenance 
Refrigeration Systems Microprocessor and Direct         Digital Download Control Systems

Air and Water Balancing 
Tenant Improvements and Renovations
Computer Rooms and Data Centers
Indoor Air Quality
Certified Life Fire Safety Dampers, Inspection, and Repairs


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Design Build/Design Assist

Cost Reduction & Accelerated Schedules 
Collaborative Approach 
35+ Years of Experience
Preconstruction Services
In-House Capabilities 
Trusted Partnerships 
Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Over our 35+ years in the construction industry, T.H. Martin has earned accolades for delivering cost savings to project owners, consistently exceeding design requirements. Numerous design build and design assist projects stand as a testament to our ability to drive tangible benefits for our clients. We take pride in our history of successful partnerships with various Engineers, Architects, and Contractors, earning commendations for our exceptional services.

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Work with us. 

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